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Hi, they call me Adam.  I live on a sailboat in the San Juans Islands with my wife Laura, and our 3 kids. 
We like to have a good time.  We like to travel. And we like to take pictures.  
Just good ol’ fashioned storybook style.



Us. (Photo by Random Wedding Guest who wanted us to see how cute we are.)

 I’m going keep this short because I’m hoping
we are going to get to sit down face to face with
a nice beverage soon!
Here’s how it all
works in a nutshell.


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  • Eric Swanson - Love the new site. Great job. Also wanted to thank you again for shooting our wedding. You have an amazing talent and I can only hope that a lot of people get to experience it like we did.

  • Kristin Helms - AWESOME new site! Love the layout, very easy to get around in and well, it just LOOKS cool, haha. We are super stoked to have you as our wedding photographer this month!! Ahhh can’t wait!

  • Fred Andrieni - Great site…Very warm and friendly…It encourages me to call you to capture some special moments for me…Also its good to know that there is another engaging, optimistic, outdoors-loving, Oreo dipping, enthusiastic, global-wandering, family man out there who answers the phone with a “Yellow”…now,if only you had a picture of you on a Harley with fly rod in hand it would be a perfect site!

  • photogoat - Thanks guys for the great feedback. Freddy, I’m actually in the market for a motorcycle. I’m not ‘hard” enough to drive a Harley; the first gang I come across will surely chain-whip me to death. But something cheap and dependable. My photo gear is reduced to a small bag at this point, so the gas mileage on all of these portrait shoots around Atlanta would be a big help.

  • Cathy Day - HI Adam….
    Your photos and book of our family still are such rich memories for me
    Are you going to be in Ga for thanksgiving ????