How I Roll

I've always had a passion for photography.  After obtaining my Masters in Art Ed in Georgia, I had a 7 year fling as a mountain guide and ultimately settled on the Pacific Northwest when I became a father.  People said I had a knack for capturing genuine happines in a person's portrait.  

I crave taking cool photos. I wanted to shoot all day when I had the chance, hence, I became a wedding photographer. I love to be in the middle of a tear jerking moment, and ultimately, I feel honored and blessed to be able to tell someone's story.

Living on a boat in the San Juan Islands put me right in the middle of the action for destination weddings.  But, I REALLY like those calls for ceremonies in far off exotic places. 

My style is extremely laid back, and all I ask of my clients is for them to be themselves.  I prefer to work alone and with natural light.  It lends itself to a fly-on-the-wall unobtrusive style that is never distracting or intimidating for clients.

Some large events might require a second shooter and my wife, Laura, would be my first choice. We make an awesome team. It's a crazy beautiful love story of how we ended up together, which you read about over at Our Life At Sea in the menu up top.


I want to here about you!

What’s your vision for having your moment captured?


I’d love the opportunity to capture the joy + happiness in your life.

Tell me your story!