April + Melissa | Lake Padden Wedding | San Juan Islands Wedding Photographer

On the 26th of October of this year, a handful of friends met on a small dock of Lake Padden outside of Bellingham, Washington.  April + Melissa had waited along time for this day, and traveled many miles to make it happen.  The ceremony was full of love and very personal. Loved it.

Being that it took place on a small dock, it was the first time that I could not just be a “fly on the wall.”  I would have had to swim out away from the dock some feet to become unnoticed.  But I figured that would garnish attention as well.  So, I was right there.  Smack dab between the couple in love and the family of love pouring out their blessings.  I was intimate with this occasion, and I feel fortunate.

Who wants cupcakes?

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