Kim + Nick


Remember that Seattle Gasworks Engagement Session  I posted a few months ago?  Nick followed through with his promise.  He married Kim in a beautiful catholic church in North Vancouver, B.C.  The reception followed at the Seymour Country Club.  It was an honor to attend a reception full of heartfelt tear-jerking speeches dedicated to this sweet couple who have obviously led upstanding lives.

Now for some big thanks to my crew.  Blake Crosby and my partner, Jessie Gifford, carried me through this one.  Literally.  I was fresh out of an open reduction surgery on my broken leg.  I spent the day on crutches mixed with wheelchair (when accessible,) and lots of foggy pain meds.  But I think we pulled it off marvelously.



Best wishes Kim + Nick!  Its been a pleasure getting to know you guys.

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