PJ + Rob. Super 8 Video Wedding.

A Super 8 camera is a crotchety old beast of a machine to work with.  Its produces a silent film yet it buzzes and clanks throughout a weddings’ pindrop quiet scenes.

When you have it up to your eye and you squeeze the trigger, its loud; however, most attendants say they don’t notice it.  For me, who is used to shooting still images like a ninja, I feel like I’m pulling the trigger on a bullhorn.

PJ and Rob are a super relaxed couple who trusted in me to capture their wedding day with a mix of timeless Super 8 film footage and splash of crystal clear Digital HD.  The best footage is melded together digitally with a happy soundtrack to convey the exuding love of the day.  I delivered a 12 minute film to their doorstep the other day and here is a aperitif sized 5 minute sampler.  Enjoy.




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