Seth + Andrea | A Southern Plantation Wedding (on crutches)


490:  the number of pounds of motorcycle that crushed on my leg.

9: the number of pieces of metal required to put my tibia and fibula bones back together

6: the number of weeks prior to the wedding that I had been in bed, being waited on by my 5 year old son

4: the number of modes of transportation it took to travel the 3200 miles required to get to this wedding (car, boat, train, and a plane)

4000: the number of acres composing Pebble Hill Plantation

26: the number of people in the wedding party alone

Zero: exactly how many pictures you can take when you are moving on crutches


With these numbers stacked against me I knew I needed to bring in some reinforcements.  Red Fly Studio came to the rescue.  And between the 3 of us, I think we did marvelous!  It helped that Seth and Andrea also hired John Gandy Events to plan and decorate the whole place.  It was beautiful.  Congrats to the awesome sweet couple.  It was fun!


Flowers:  Missy Gunnels

Hair/MU: Scoobie West

Cake: Cake Shop

Catering: Andrews Catering

Bartending: On The Rocks

Reception Music: Doctor! Doctor!


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