Stephen + Tobie


My post for weddings keep getting longer and longer.  It must be because my partner (Jess) and I are becoming a better and better team.    So first off, thank you Jessie!  You are awesome.

Speaking of awesome,  the Stephen + Tobie wedding was probably the ‘funnest’ marriage celebration happening in the world at that moment.  I knew it would be fun when a “Bring your dancing shoes!” sticker fell out of their invitation.  Her BCBG gown was amazing but she was more excited about the vintage sequin dress for the reception.  This was a party!

The details at this DIY wedding were everywhere!  Practically everything was homemade; but then they throw in catering by The Fool’s Onion and then an “aunt who’s a wine dealer” steps in for refreshments.  Ahh, it was awesome!

The freshly reopened Woodstock Farm is the most fantastic venue in Whatcom County, hands down.  Dick Henrie and the City of Bellingham are onto some good over there.  The scenery heightens the event experience.

Friends, April McMurry steps it to coordinate and Alex McCulloch worked the  DJ scene hard.



woodstock farm wedding
woodstock farm wedding

woodstock farm wedding bellingham washington

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