The Original Technomad | Steven K. Roberts


I had the pleasure of making a new friend the other day.  He gave me a tour of his one of kind world class Amazon 44 and I snapped a portrait of him as a gift for his hospitality.  He is a world renowned technofile who a has accomplished some incredible nomadictechnogadgetry feats long before I know what a byte even was.  What an incredible guy with a wealth of knowledge and a gentle spirit.  Thank you Steven K. Roberts.





The world needs more brains like this floating around.  Check out his online store, (his Expedition Medical Kits are an incredible value.)  Your purchase goes towards fueling his body with food…which keeps his brain going…which is still clocking about 80 hours of week of genuine top shelf research and development focused on mankind’s sustainability in this modern age.


Here’s a fun video of just one of his “ventures.”  Steven was writing emails and publishing articles via a homemade satellite communicator…riding down the road on a bike…in 1987.


The Original Technomad


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