We moved to Lopez Island | San Juan Islands Life Portraits

It was all fate.  During a spontaneous trip on Mothers Day, friends of friends offered their lawn for us to pitch to our tent.  Expecting only to pass through, we found ourselves connecting to both people and place.

Waking up in a foggy orchard by the sound of half a dozen humming hummingbirds can be spellbinding.  Discovering an island 2 hours from the Cascades full of like minded people seemed like a dream, but it exists.  The community of Lopez is real and alive.  Its people focus on raising good people to do good things.  With a 5 year old boy to rear, it wasn’t hard to sell us on the idea.  Our hosts for this introduction, The Tate Family, was too cute to NOT document.  This post highlights some images that I grabbed around the house that morning.  We sense good times ahead.


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